As Çınar Machine firm, we design and offer efficient machines by benefiting from the latest technologies by bringing together our experiences formed as a result of long-term researches.

Creating a new brand with our machines that we set out by completing the sector deficiencies and doing the right studies we took our place in this sector. Having world-class documents, customer-oriented service approach, aesthetic and aerodynamic design we are here to make a difference with our practical machines.

With our trust and service principles on this road we set out, research and development have always been one step ahead, we have produced machines that are beneficial to nature and people. As DPFMAC, we are here with our production for our determined strength and profitable service in the market.

As has been the case for many years, we have sales to all countries of the world with our international quality, occupational safety and environmental friendly certificates.

We are at your side with our machines and DPF MAC brand that we produce without losing our value and principle in this way in the sector.


CE marks, shows that the product is manufactured and certified in accordance with the new approach directives of the European Union. Our machines we produced are suitable for minimum safety conditions in terms of human health, life and property safety, animal and plant life health, environment and consumer protection. Our machines have CE certificates.


We have ISO 9001 & ISO 4001 & OHSAS 18001 & Industrial Designs . We show the importance our particle cleaning machine and radiator cleaning machine on all robustness, productivity and job security issues with international documents.

EN ISO 12000- EN 60204-1/A1 EN ISO 13857 - EN 547-1+A1

Uygunluk Sertifikası

ISO 45001:2018


ISO 14001:2015


ıso 9001:2015

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