Width 50 cm

Depth 60 cm

Height 90 cm

Weight 45 kg

Operating Voltage 220 V


* 4*20 Lit LCD Display

* Water Pump 45 Lt. per minute

* Water Tank with capacity of 12 Lt

* Heat Resistance with 2500 Watt Reserve

* Operation Selection Menu

* Direction Change with Single Handle


You Do Not Have to Dismantle the Torpedo Anymore!

* It cleans heater cores without any need for dismantling and disintegrating torpedo inside the car.

* It cleans the Main Radiator over the car without any need for removing.

* It cleans cylinder water channels inside the engine without any need for removing.

* It prevents overheating during summer months.

* It enables early heating of the car during winter months.

* It enables saving fuel up to 10%.

* It extends the engine line by removing residues and rust which comes out as your car’s radiator and engine is cleaned with RTM700.

* It enables cleaning LPG, CNG and Oil Cooling Regulators.

How to Use

1) Power Cable

2) On/Off Button

3) LCD Panel Screen

4) Function Buttons

5) 12 Litre Water and Agent Storage

6) Car Connection Hoses

7) Device Filter

8) Water Level Indicator

9) Direction Changing Handle

10) Storage Evacuation

Our Radiator Cleaning Agents and Oily System Cleaning Remedies are available.

Our product is guaranteed for 1 years.

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