Our cabin model is produced for the cleaning of DPF filters and catalytic converters of all brands and models, from the smallest vehicle to heavy vehicle. Thanks to its strong and reassuring structure, our machine, which is designed to serve you for many years without any problems, is made of 304 stainless steel, including the engine, internal and external parts.

All of its parts are produced with the equipment that we have proven and experienced in the international sector. Thanks to its renewed and improved software, you can automatically take clean water, test, report and wash with adjusted air. Does not require installation. It provides 100% cleaning of the particle filters of vehicles such as cars and light commercial vehicles. 380 volt electricity and air coming from 8 bar compressor is enough for this air-supported model to work.

Thanks to its test feature, it provides the opportunity to test and report the clogged DPFs before and after cleaning. Thanks to its filtering feature, it offers the feature of filtering the resulting particles. With the Android software with multiple language options (English, German, French and Turkish), remote air adjustment can be adjusted as desired. It comes with all necessary spare parts and connection adapters.

• Particle and catalyst binding feature up to 150 cm.
• Connecting apparatus up to any size and diameter.
• Feature of adjusting the water flow rate with automatic
electric valve.
• Water flow power max. 0-12 bar feature.
• Tank and water level control system with sensor.
• Resistance protection sensor.
• 380V AC operation.
• Working with a compressor between 5-10 bar.
• Air test and reporting feature.
• Automatic clean water filling feature

• Easy to use menu.
• Manuel use feature.
• 7500W redundant water and chemical heating
• Low water alert.
• Usage in 4 languages (English, French,German
and Turkish).
• Fully 304 stainless steel case, filter, pump and fittings.
• Washable and reusable environmentally friendly filter
• Ability to adjust the air optionally during washing..
• Adjustable heat settings.
• Adjustable working time.
• Audible start and end warning.
• 60 lt. stainless water tank.
• Adjustable conditioning air inlet.
• Various connection elements (exhaust fittings, flanged
exhaust apparatus, optional hose types in different sizes)
• Pneumatic pedal pivoting compression head.
• Crushing stainless pump.

External Dimensions
Width 138 cm
Depth 105 cm
Height 200 cm

Internal Dimensions
Width 105 cm
Depth 100 cm
Height 142 cm

Weight 400 kg
Operating Voltage 380V
Stainless Water Pump 1.5 KW
2 Hp – 50 Hz. 2900Min.

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