What is Diesel Particulate Filter?

The part that filters particulates which occur in the exhaust gas as a result of combustion process in diesel cars in termed as particulate filter.Its function is to reduce exhaust pariculate emission by removing particulates from the exhaust gas.

Diesel Particulate Filter has been designed to capture exhaust soot and harmful gases which arise from combustion in cars with diesel engine and to store all harmful matters in order to contribute to a cleaner nature.Particulate filter is used in all diesel-engine cars in order to meet emission regulations by reducing exhaust emissions and particulates such as hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) in this system that is designed in line with European standards.The purpose of this system is to ensure that exhaust gas has lower emission value by filtering particulates.

What If Diesel Particulate Filter is Clogged?

It leads to reduced performance of the car,it reduces motor propelling force and wheel idling cycle is increased.It causes overconsumption of fuel.It changes smell of exhaust as it is emitted from exhaust pipe.Filter damages the engine when it is attached.Clogged diesel particulate filter causes air and environmental pollution.Therefore it is essential that Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) be cleaned in case of any failure.

What happens if the Diesel Particulate Filter becomes clogged?

Reduces the performance of the vehicle, the vehicle falls out of traction. Idling circuit increases. Fuel consumption occurs with more. It exits the exhaust outlet in the form of white steam and the smell of the exhaust changes. The filter damages the engine when clogged. A clogged diesel particulate filter pollutes the air and the environment. Therefore, it is important to clean the vehicle when a particle filter (DPF) malfunction occurs.

How Do You Understand The Diesel Particulate Filter Is Clogged?

When the Diesel Particulate Filter is clogged, the DPF warning light on the vehicle instrument panel also lights up, alerting the driver. If DPF warning light is on, it shows DPF catalytic converter should be cleaned or is clogging up due to short-distance / low-speed driving.

What is the purpose of cleaning diesel particulate filter and how is cleaning done?

First of all, the purpose of the system is to reduce carbon release harmful to the environment from vehicle exhausts. Catalytic converter (catalyst) or particle filter, designed to render harmful substances in the exhaust gas released from the combustion chamber in the engine harmless, it is often a part added to the exhaust pipe immediately after the manifold. The exhaust gases passing through the catalytic converter, which are made of ceramics and whose pores are coated with materials providing catalytic effect, react in the special ceramic structure inside the catalytic converter and turn into harmless substances.
Substances entering the catalyst as NOx (nitrous oxide), CO (carbon monoxide) and HC (hydrocarbons) are released into the air from the exhaust as N2 (nitrogen), CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water, steam) harmless to living things as a result of the reaction. In other words; the catalytic converter is a combustion chamber. It burns unburned toxic gases without flame, turning them into nitrogen, oxygen and water vapor and releases it into the atmosphere. It is designed to capture particulates or soot particles in diesel vehicles, especially in engines that comply with Euro 4,5,6 norms.

In addition, some vehicles have exhaust gas recirculation called EGR. It is a part that should not be neglected as it has an important place in the healthy operation of the engine. The institutions accumulated in the channels through which the exhaust gas passes can be cleaned and the valve can be used again. However, as a result of excessive contamination, this layer of soot can harden and petrify in some places. This petrification, even at the micron level, may interfere with proper operation if it is in the opening and closing part of the valve and may cause evasion. Therefore, it is important to perform particle cleaning.

The three precious metals are used as catalysts for all these operations.

Platinum. : It provides oxidation.

Radium. : To reduce the converter.

Palladium. : It is used to provide stabilization.

Operating range. : It is 480 – 650 Celsius.

Converter life. : 150.000 km. (average value)

Vehicles that have failed to pass vehicle inspection controls in the world and in our country in recent periods, either they’re illegally removing the catalytic converter from their vehicle or they may have to buy catalytic converters again by paying high prices.

The most effective method for DPF cleaning operations is to remove the particle filter. Cleaning machines and additives are available for this. The particle filter is removed and attached to the particle cleaning machines. Your particle filter is 100% cleaned by applying chemical drugs and compressed air.

By combining our patented machine, whose design belongs to our company, with a special formula solvent, we clean the clogged catalytic converter or particle filter in a very short time.

In our DPF Particle Cleaning (SPEED2500)Machine with Cabin, all metal parts 304 stainless steel and other parts, brands that have proven themselves with quality have been preferred. Therefore, quality has come to the forefront. It also cleans light commercial and heavy vehicle filters.

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